We're a family company

We resisted the modern urge to create a reality show and went into business making food together instead. We make all kinds of products at our frozen food manufacturing facility, some with our name on them and some without—but either way, we’re proud of each and every last biscuit that we send out into the world!

Michael Gagné is our President and applies his experience as a chef to every part of our business, from management to research and development. He’s the creator of the original Cream Cheese Biscuits.

Somerset Gagné heads up the Sales and Marketing departments and helps customers all over the globe connect with our brands and bring our delicious products to market.

David Gagné is our Facilities Engineer. He can make stainless steel machines do amazing things with different kinds of dough.

Acadia Gagné is our biscuit evangelist. She might serve you a biscuit in your neighborhood store one of these days. 

Gagné Foods joins the fight against hunger

As a family and a company, we're committed to giving back. Join us in the fight against hunger—donate now.

A family company proudly producing fine frozen baked goods on the coast of Maine.